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Narhex Moisturiser Type 2
with 8% NarAHATM

High strength gently exfoliating NarAHATM moisturising treatment for mature skin or younger complexions with a history of sunbathing or dry skin.

Clears away dry, dull skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaves skin soft and rehydrated.

Narhex’s innovative AHA approach combination NarAHATM provides the most effective yet gentle AHA formulation. Its natural action smoothes fine lines and greatly improves skin texture and tone, to unblock naturally and cleanse pores, to improve oily skin or acne and to improve skin condition in general.

Most importantly by removing the dead dry skin cells first, Narhex Moisturiser Type 2 with 8% NarAHATM prepares your skin to accept the NarElastinTM more efficiently so you can gain the maximum benefit from Narhex Facial Treatment 1% NarElastinTM and Narhex Facial Lift 4% NarElastinTM.

Excellent make-up base. Contains sunscreen.

After cleansing apply to face, neck and back of hands.

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