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Eye Cream

3% NarElastinTM

15ml - all skin types.

Visibly reduces depth

of coarse & fine lines,

wrinkles and bags.

Facial Treatment

1% NarElastinTM

50ml - all skin types. Visibly reduces depth of lines and wrinkles.

Contains sunscreen.

Facial Lift

4% NarElastinTM + Collagen

30ml - lifts and tones mature skin.

Instantly reduces bags and wrinkles & prolonged use will visibly reduce depth of lines, wrinkles & bags.

Moisturiser Type 2


50ml - with Alpha Hydroxy Acid.

Good for normal and dry to sun damaged skin.

Contains sunscreen.


15% NarAHATM + Vitamin E

High-efficiency NarAHATM combined with natural vitamin E is a new discovery in Topical anti-oxidant formulation.